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HumbuckerGuitar 2.0 3.6Gb Direct Recorded Rock guitar which includes also Powerchords and Strum chord patch.

DirectGuitar 3.0
Gb Stratocaster guitar All pickup positions, 10 patches. Funky, staccato, Powerchords and much more


Powerchords Stratocaster Electric Guitar for playing powerchords with automatic strummer and patterns.


FunkyGuitar 2.0 is an innovative Stratocaster guitar sample library for Kontakt for playing Funky Guitar Riff.
It had an automatic strummer with patterns and chords.


AcousticGuitar 2.0 5Gb of Acousti Steel Guitar, 3 patches, Fingered, Picked,Strum. Automatic Strummer with patterns.


WarmJazz is an innovative 2Gb hollow-body electric guitar sample library dedicated to jazz but also for Bossanova, smooth jazz and old funk available for NI Kontakt


ClassicGuitar stereo acoustic nylon guitar finger style
Sweet sounding, warm, with solid bass, Dynamic sound.

9Gb Direct recorded guitar sample library for amp simulator

DirectBass 2.0 is an innovative 5 string bass guitar that includes all the bass pickup positions.


LittleGuitar is a sort of brasilian guitarthe
cavaquinho, it sounds also like a banjo or a ukulele.


UkuleleGuitar is a 24bit 96Khz finger style DRY samples library with 2 patches: Fingered, Strum.

25 drumkits for reproducing the typical sound of the '70s.

Vinyl Drumkits Dance, funk, soul, rock, pop, soundtracks VINYL DRUMKITS-ACOUSTIC is perfect for any genre that needs retro vinyl sound.

All these libraries are NOT compatible with kontakt Player. Only Kontakt FULL