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$349 instead of $972

$199 instead of $516


QUAD Bundle

              Complete Set
All Pettinhouse Products ( 8 prod. )


$149 instead of $387


$119 instead of $258



Triple Bundle

Dual Bundle

The Bundles! How does it work? Easy!

Order one of the bundle below and then write me an email to let me know which are the products you would like to receive.  ( If you need a different bundle just write me an email at )

These offers ( except for the Complete Bundle ) are not valid for AcousticGuitar, DirectGuitar and FunkyGuitar. If you want a personalized bundle with one or more of these products please write to me and I’ll offer the best deal.

 The size? How big the files are? All my products are compressed in .rar format and most of them are divided in multi downloads, one per patch so you can start using the patch downloaded and continue to download the rest. For example AcousticGuitar is 4Gb compressed in rar split up in 3 files of around 700Mb

Pettinhouse products are compatible only with Kontakt FULL retail version 3,4,5 and future releases ( No compatible with Kontakt Player )