9Gb Direct recorded guitar sample library for amp simulator
9Gb Direct recorded guitar sample library for amp simulator 9Gb Direct recorded guitar sample library for amp simulator


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DirectBass 2.0 For Kontakt
Everything you need to create your bass track.

What is DirectBass 2.0?
It is a direct recorded bass sample library for NI Kontakt 3, 4 and 5 FULL retail ver. ( It’s no compatible with Kontakt Player ) with a remarkable bass sound for any musical style.
It reproduces in exacting detail the sounds of the YAMAHA™ TRB 5 strings bass guitar.

It’s not just a bass.
It has 3 Pickup Postions plus a picked bass.

- Bridge
- Bridge+neck
- Neck
- Picked


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Extremely playable and very easy to use, DirectBass 2.0 has everything you need for creating a bass track


Watch the Video


Midifile library
Working with DirectBass and the midifiles is very easy.
just listen to the audio previews and choose your favorite midifiles from a list of 80 professional riffs.

DirectBass lite
Included in the price DirectBass lite allows you to create a bass track without any stress for your CPU and RAM.
Once the job is done load the FULL version!


Key switches
DirectBass 2.0 has 6 Key switches:
SlideUP Fast/Slow, HammerOn Fast/Slow, Trills, Harmonics. 


Listen to the demo

Ready-to-play presets
Insert your favorite amp simulator and select one of the seventy amp presets ready to use for
Ampeg SVX, Amplitube 2 and GuitarRig 3. 

Special patches
DirectBass 2.0 has 7 experimental patches for RnB, Electronic music etc.


Video Manuals
DirectBass 2.0 has 7 video Manuals. Better watching than reading!

Technical Specifications

- Direct recorded for amp simulators,
- 24bit 96Khz,
- 5 layers for each key
- Round robin  played with index and middle finger.
- Release samples for each note.
- Slides and stops on each string
- Low Notes B-C-D
- Full sustain,
- Natural decay (no loops),