Pettinhouse humbuckerGuitar Rock Guitar Sample Library for Kontakt
- For Kontakt 5  future ver.( Not compatible with Kontakt Free Player )
- 3.6GB of Dry Samples , Full sustain, 4 Dynamic Layers
- 24Bit / 96Khz
- Legato for Ham. Ons and Pull Offs
- Intelligent Alternate Picking
- Strum Engine for Playing Real Guitar Chords
- Power Chords
- Amp. Simulator and Effetcs
- Guide on User interface
- Useful Display on UI


HumbuckerGuitar 2.0 includes a REAL GUITAR CHORDS ENGINE which allows you to ”strum”
your keyboard just by playing basic keyboard chords and it automatically translates them into guitar chords. You can also arpeggiate the notes of the chords.
Thanks to a series of assigned keys you can also play Upstrokes, Downstrokes and alternate them with powerchords ( the first two strings ). Pick noises and string noises are also included.
With the Strum Speed Knob you can change the speed of the strum.

Chords: Maj, Min, 7th, Maj 7th, 9th, 7-9th, Sus2, Sus 4, Sus 4-7,  Min , Min 7-9, Dim.

With the “Powerchord” you can play real guitar power chords with one key. There are Open and Muted Power chords useful for playing from Metal to clean pop riffs

HumbuckerGuitar 2.0


- Legato for playing Hammer Ons and Pull Offs

- Last note Pitchbend for realistic guitar bendings

- Vibrato on aftertouch

- Intelligent alternate picking ( the last note chokes the previous note )

- Fretting Position for playing notes at the base of the
  fretboard or at the end of the neck

- Articulation speed to change the speed of the slides, Trills, Tapping etc.

- Velocity Sensitive adjustment ( Light and Normal )
  to adjust to the sensitivness of your keyboard



HumbuckerGuitar 2.0 comes with an Amp Simulator with different cabinets.

- Tweed ( One speaker American Amp Cabinet )
- Black Tweed ( Two speakers American  Amp Cabinet )
- UK70s (British Two speakers Amp Cabinet )
- JCM ( British Four speakers Amp Cabinet )

It has also a multi effect with:

- Distortion
- Reverb
- Delay
- Chorus
- Wah on Mod. Wheel
- EQ with Bass, Mid, High


Slide Up, Slide Down, Slide Off, Pinch Harmonics, Unison Bends, Octave Unison, Slide Octave Unison, Hammer On, Pull Off, One Trill, Trills, Tapping Major and Minor. Palm Mutes on Mod. Wheel, Guitar Noises, Pick Noises.

All these articulations are available as key switches on the Red Octave and they are mapped on the high velocity in order to combine straight passages with certain articulations.


Made with a guitar with Humbucker pickups with very high voltage signal. They saturate more compared to other pickups, it results with a fatter and warmer sound compared with single coil pickups on Fender Stratocasters.

Versatile guitar sample library for playing rock, country, pop, soul, rhythm and blues, blues, reggae, punk, and heavy metal

HumbuckerGuitar 2.0 is a guitar sample library for NI Kontakt 5 or future versions.  ( It is NOT compatible with Kontakt Player, if you use it with Kontakt FREE Player it runs in DEMO mode. )
It was recorded dry without any effects directly to the audio interface exactly like when you plug a real electric guitar into it.
In this way you can add your favorite amp simulator such as NI Guitar Rig or Amplitube and shape the sound as you wish.



HumbuckerGuitar 2.0

HumbuckerGuitar 2.0

 Guitar sample library for Rock, Hard Rock, Metal and Pop