Pettinhouse humbuckerGuitar Rock Guitar Sample Library for Kontakt

- For Kontakt ( Not compatible with Kontakt Player )
- 2GB of Dry Samples , Full sustain, 4 Dynamic Layers
- 24Bit / 96Khz
- True Legato for Ham. Ons and Pull Offs Trills
- True Legato Slide UP or Slide Down
- Dedicated patches for playing Pluck & Chuck Style (Watch the video)
- Adjustable Strum noises
- Adjustable Strum Speed
- Strum Loops
- Percussion Samples
- Latch Mode
- Extensive Guide on GUI.



ClassicGuitar 2.0 is an Acoustic Nylon Guitar Sample Library for NI Kontakt 5 or future versions. (It is NOT compatible with Kontakt Player, if you use it with Kontakt FREE Player it runs in DEMO mode).

It features 2gb of samples at 24bit 96Khz with full sustain, four dynamic layers, two round robin (Alternate picking with Upstroke and Downstroke).
It was recorded Stereo, dry without any effects.

Sweet sounding, warm, with solid bass, Dynamic sound, perfect for any kind of finger style music.
It has Key Switches, intelligent round robin for alternate notes, full sustain, natural decay.


allows you to adjust the speed of the strum, select the
direction, upstrokes or downstroke.
There is also an AUTO function. AUTO allows you to play freely the chords while
an intelligent algorhythm takes care for you to switch automatically to
Upstrokes or Downstrokes, sets the speed of the strum of the upstrokes ( the upstroke are faster than the downstroke when you play a rhythm on a real guitar.).
The algorhythm understands also when you play one chord or a series of chords. Let’s say you want to play an intro made with one chord, it sets automatically the downstrokes for you.
The last parameter is the Velocity Range knob. With this knob you can set
the velocity range where you want the strum speed is active.

With these 5 buttons you can play a guitar technique called Pluck&Chuck in which the player plays chords or individual notes with the strings muted or even completely deadened which is very common in rhythm guitar playing.
It is essentially adding muted notes to your strumming to add a more percussive sound to your guitar



is a sort of sustain pedal on steroids! You play a key or a chord and the notes remain sustained
just like when the sustain pedal is down ( active ).
The notes will continue to sustain, even if you release the keys, until a new key or chord is pressed replacing automatically the previous chord or note with the new ones.
It replaces the notes only if you play staccato. If you play legato it plays all notes you press just like when you use the sustain pedal.


With the Strum Noises you’ve got separated strum noise samples from the notes.
It is very difficult to.reproduce a convincing strumming on a guitar sample library, especially if the library were sampled playing with fingers that pluck one string.
In fact, if you think about it, when you strum a guitar you hear notes but also a noise that the fingernails ( or the guitar pick )  produce when the strings are strummed.

That’s why I decided to add separated noises per key which reproduce that
noise that you hear when you strum a guitar with your nails or pick.
Each key has its own strum noise, in multi layer, and you can control the volume, speed, tune, the color and the stereo image of the strum noises.


ClassicGuitar 2.0 uses TRUE LEGATO.
You can play Half Tone legato, tone legato, Trills, Octave legato and 7th legato.
In addiction to this the legato allows you to play also Slide Up and Slide Down articulations.just but playing legato 3 or more notes. Watch the video

ClassicGuitar 2.0

ClassicGuitar 2.0

 Acoustic nylon Guitar sample library for Kontakt