Product Requirements

Minimum System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.13 or newer | Windows 8, 10 or newer

Available Disk Space
2.8GB | The download is 1.04GB

Supported Interfaces:
Stand-alone, AU,, VST,  AAX Native

For Kontakt  6 or future ver.(NOT COMPATIBLE with Kontakt Free)

Introducing PowerBass: A Labor of Precision and Passion
Crafted from months of meticulous work, PowerBass is the culmination of dedicated audio editing, scripting, and graphic design. This Kontakt library brings the rich, precise tone of a pick-played precision bass right to your fingertips.
Explore the Depths of PowerBass:
  Four-in-One Library: PowerBass combines the richness of multiple bass styles into one seamless package. Whether you’re seeking the thump of a Picked Bass, the subtlety of Muted tones, or the soulful vibe of the Motown-inspired Sponged sound, this library delivers.
Dynamic Loops Library: Dive into a world of rhythmic possibilities with 48 expertly crafted loops, each offering 30 key-specific variations complete with fills, licks, and noises. Using 7 key switches, these loops can be stored, recalled, and combined on the fly, enabling you to create intricate musical textures and evolve your sound live.
Advanced Performance Features: Elevate your performance with sophisticated features such as True Legato for seamless transitions, automatic slides, a mix of picked notes and hammer-ons, intelligent fake round robin, and an automatic dynamic assistant that adjusts to your playing style.
PowerBass isn’t just about sounds; it’s about giving you the tools to express your musical vision without boundaries. Whether you're composing, recording, or performing live, this library is designed to inspire and enhance your music, providing a sonic palette that adapitates from the studio to the stage.
Experience the Craftsmanship of PowerBass—your next session deserves the depth and clarity of a professionally sampled bass library.

Discover Precision Picked Bass: an all-in-one bass suite featuring Picked, Muted, Sponged (Motown sound), and a comprehensive Loop Library. Perfect for any production!

PowerBass Loops

The Loops: 48 loops of picked rock bass, Motown, pop rock, metal, muted, and sponged (Motown sound) recorded with a vintage Fender Precision. Includes 30 variations per key featuring fills, slides, and noises to enhance the realism and flexibility of each loop.

The Instrument: Picked, muted, and sponged bass (the Motown sound). Features intelligent legato with automatic slide, slide in and out to connect two notes, and a repetition key.





PowerBass 2.0

RockBass Library



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- For Kontakt 6 or future ver. ( Not compatible with Kontakt Free Player )
- 4 Patches: Picked,Muted,Spoged and the Loop Library
- 24Bit / 44Khz
- 48 Loops
- 30 Variations, slides, noises