Hi and welcome to my website. First of all let me say this:

Pettinhouse is ANDREA PETTINAO! :-)

I'm a sound designer who creates sample libraries for samplers such as Native Instruments Kontakt and Battery.
My sample libraries are the perfect solution for songwriters, composers and for who is into television, movie or advertising business, where there is a need of speed - production.

Innovative and usable sample libraries for your music! This is what I create, sample libraries with innovative features to help you achieve quickly the sound you need.
A sample library must be usable to let you concentrate on what you are playing enhancing and expanding your creativity instead of wasting your time learning how to use it.

I've collaborated with Native Instruments on creating guitars and basses for the Kontakt 3 library, Other Native Instruments libraries and midi demo for Roland arrangers.

I play guitar, piano, bass, drums, percussions and I sing. I like to remix songs and create new tunes. I work with Apple computers, Logic 9, virtual instruments, plugins and loops.

Mixing vinyls is my favorite hobby! I spend hours having fun mixing my vinyls on my two Technics 1200!

If you have any question or you just want to write me to say “Hi!” feel free to contact me here: