1 - Fingered
2 - Picked
3 - Strum


AcousticGuitar 2.1

is an innovative 5Gb (The Download is 3Gb) acoustic guitar for NI Kontakt 3, 4 and 5, 6 and future versions ONLY FULL Kontakt ver. ( It is NOT compatible with kontakt Player )


slides, hammerOns, palm mute,  harmonics, up strokes, down strokes, trills, stopped notes, release noises, fret noises, hand noises, strum noises



Each patch is about 1.7 Gb for a total amount of about 5Gb of samples at 24Bit 96Khz, full sustain, natural decay (no loops), 12 velocity layers ( the strum patch ), round robin for alternate picking.

What’s new on 2.1?

Strum Patch

No chord recognition, free to play one note, unison chords, open chords, strange chords.

Imagine your left hand that strums the thick guitar strings which produce bass notes and then your right hand that strums the thin guitar strings which generally in a pattern are used for playing the “chord” well the strummer allows you to simulate the alternation of these strings.

You decide when to alternate them, You can decide to play only the bass line or only the chord or both, keep the chord and change the bass line or keep the bass line and change the chords.

True Legato 2.0

AcousticGuitar 2.1 uses the new True Legato 2.0. a very realistic legato with slide ups and downs, Hammer Ons, Pull Offs, natural vibrato on each legato and slide noises.

True Legato with Slides up / Down, Hammer Ons and Pull Offs in fingerpicking and Picking style patches

Completely revised audio engine for Fingerpicking, Pick style and the Strum patch. Now it sounds wonderful.

Strum patch now works perfectly in sync with DAWs, perfect Timing , all patterns revised, now they sound natural.

Added a progress bar in the step display that marks each step in the step display..

Enlarged step display for a better creation of patterns,

Added the ability to save and load presets.

Completely new script, with many new improvements. For example,when you play a chord, the strum plays all the notes with delay between the notes to simulate the passage of the pick on the strings.

Improoved sample mapping. Now it feels much better on your hands.

New Strum patch guide in PDF in the Library Folder.

- Effects: Delay, Reverb, Phaser,
- 12 Strings Guitar
- Stereo button simulates the double track guitar effect.
- Speed knob to change the speed of the articulations.
- Noises: knocks, several hits on the body of the guitar, - Strum noises.
- Guide on board with the map of the key switches, Tips&Tricks, basic guitar chords.

and then...

Strum patch


Audio Demo old Ver 2.0


Ultra Realistic finger and pick style acoustic steel guitar for kontakt with automatic strummer with patterns

Downloads ver. 2.0


AcousticGuitar 2.1

AcousticGuitar for kontakt with automatic strummer with patterns