FunkyBass 1.5

UPDATE for FunkyBass 1.1 to 1.5 version

Please follow the instructions in the PDF “How to update it”

FunkyBass 1,5 UPDATE : LINK

What's New?

1 - Added 11 new variations.
2 - Input quantizer: Now you can play FunkyBass freely without worrying abou timing. Every note you play is always in sync, whether you press it before or after the beat.
3 - Legato playing for grooves: Holding down a note and linking it with a new note allows the loop to continue playing from where you left off with the first note. This applies to memory keys as well.
4 - Three new buttons in Settings: One for playing bass notes without noises or with muted notes at lower velocities. The other two buttons allow you to combine low-velocity notes with the groove and vice versa. This enables you to mix single notes with the groove, creating variations when playing softly and introducing the groove when playing with more intensity. The other button excludes single notes and plays the groove at any velocity.
5 - Complete overhaul of velocity mapping for notes: The bass now sounds significantly better and more natural. Legato between notes has also been corrected for a more natural feel.
6 - FunkyBass now sounds just like a Fender Precision bass. The entire effects section has been revamped from scratch, providing a less muddy, fuller, and more immersive sound.
7 - Removed the CHARACTER knob: Now loops work with Time Machine 2 (which lacks the Formant function found in the PRO version) instead of Time Machine PRO. With Time Machine PRO, the sound had too many artifacts, sounded dirty, and tended to deteriorate after changing grooves and notes. Now, with Time Machine 2, the sound is clean, grooves always sound good at any BPM, and the typical character of the Precision bass remains unchanged.
8 - bug fixes