How to install Pettinhouse libraries on Kontakt

How to install Pettinhouse sample libraries on Native Instruments Kontakt? Why the don’t appear on Kontakt browser?

Don't confuse the kontakt browser with the quick-load in database section. You CANNOT add any third party libraries to show up them in the kontakt browser like you do normally with NI libraries such as Akoustik Piano or the abbey road drums..
The ONLY way for third party libraries like mine to be loaded easily like Native Instruments sample libraries is to create a quick-load patch list.

How to create a Quick-Load list? It is written in the Kontakt manual but I will help you! :)

What’s Quick-Load?

QUICK-LOAD menus allow you to keep your favorite Instruments, Multis, and Banks in a readily accessible, common place, where they can be quickly accessed and added to your RACK. More specifically, clicking the down- arrow buttons at the left side of any MULTI, INSTRUMENT, or BANK HEADER will open a hierarchical menu, which allows you to quickly select a new object from your favorites list of that particular type.KONTAKT  –

Before you can use this feature, you’ll have to choose items from your collection that should appear in the three QUICK-LOAD menus. Since their entries are always a subset of the contents in your DATABASE, it’s obvious that the selection process takes place in the DATABASE BROWSER.
Clicking on the QUICK-LOAD button in the tool bar of the DATABASE BROWSER will present you with a tree view of the contents in your DATABASE and, below that, a panel that shows the contents of the currently selected folder. At the top of this view, there are three buttons that select which of the three QUICK-LOAD menus – MULTIS, BANKS, or INSTRUMENTS – is currently being displayed in the upper panel.
As long as a QUICK-LOAD menu is still empty, it provides a direct link to the respective tab that allows you to select items for inclusion in this menu.The two panes work similarly to the FILE BROWSER. In the upper one, a “+” icon next to a folder indicates that it contains additional folders, which can be displayed by clicking on the icon. At the left side of this pane, you’ll notice a column of checkboxes. Checking one of those next to a folder adds a corresponding submenu item to the currently edited QUICK-LOAD menu, which replicates the contents of this folder. In other words, the submenu will include all contained items of the selected type – Multis, Banks, or Instruments – and also all of its sub-folders, should they contain further items of this type. Clicking on a checked box again will uncheck it and remove the corresponding submenu, as well as all of its contents, from the respective QUICK-LOAD menu.
Folders which are not selected for inclusion themselves, but contain other folders which are, are indicated with a shaded filling in their checkbox. This allows you to quickly locate marked folders, even if they’re currently hidden from the tree view.
Whenever you select a folder that includes items of the selected type in the tree view, the lower pane will show these items in a flat list view. Just like the folders in the upper pane, you can select these items separately for inclusion in the respective QUICK-LOAD menu by clicking the checkboxes at their left side.

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