How to install Pettinhouse libraries on Kontakt

NO INSTALLATION is required for my products.
Just load the .nkm kontakt patch included in the product folder.

Why load and not install?
Like many other third party developers I can’t provide any installation files for my libraries like those “Powered by Kontakt Player" libraries that appear on the kontakt Tab


Once you have downloaded the .rar files you need to unrar them.
All my files are compressed in .rar ( sort of .zip but more efficient )

1 - Unrar ( Extract ) the files with WinRar ( PC ) or UnrarX ( Mac ) if you don’t have one of these applications installed on your computer please install the one related to your operative system.
2 - Place the folder you’ve just extracted wherever you want on your hard disk. For example where you have other sample libraries.

3 - Open a New Project on your Host ( Logic, Cubase, Protools etc )

4 - Create a new MIDI track and load kontakt in it.

5 - Time to LOAD the name.nkm kontakt patch. You can load a kontakt patch in several ways:


Go to the folder library you’ve just extracted from the .rar, drag the .nkm patch and drop it to kontakt.  Click “YES”. That’s all!

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You can also load a patch from the Floppy icon on the top of the kontakt window

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Select “load...”, a window  named “Load Kontakt Patch” appears and search for
the folder of the library you purchased. Open the folder and double click the .nkm patch

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When a window appears click “YES”. Done!

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You can also use the Kontakt browser for the Drag&Drop, for searching the .nkm patches and load them just by double clicking them.