PowerBass Pre-SALE

Two-Part Design: Like FunkyBass, this library features two distinct sections. The first is a traditional sample library, now enriched with sophisticated scripts and layered samples. However, unlike my previous work, this library was meticulously recorded using a pick, not fingers, to truly capture the essence of rock bass playing.
Authentic Rock Bass Loops:
The second part offers about 50 energetic and varied rock bass loops, tailored to infuse your compositions with an authentic rock vibe.
Advanced Technology:
The library boasts enhanced legato for hammer ons and pull offs, four levels of velocity, and an intelligent system that alternates between legato and staccato notes, making your playing experience more dynamic and expressive.
Dynamic and Responsive:
Thanks to a meticulously programmed script supporting multiple round robins, the library responds beautifully to your playing style, whether fast or gentle, providing a realistic and immersive experience.

Pre-Sale Offer:This new library is available for pre-sale at $39, a significant saving from the standard price of $79. Pre-order now and receive an email with a download link on January 22, 2024.

Your Participation is Welcome:I always value your input and would love to hear your ideas, suggestions, or specific rock bass grooves you'd like to see included in the library. Your feedback is an essential part of our creative journey.






$39 instead of $79

What's New in This Library

Designed specifically for lovers of rock, metal, and punk. This library, building on the foundation of FunkyBass, elevates the experience with some significant enhancements