The key switches are from the key F#0 to D#1 at the velocity 127.  To activate an articulation click one of the key from F#0 to D#1 and press hard the keys of the keyboard to reach the velocity 127.

All the articulations depend on key velocity to allow for combined playing. This system allows you to play straight passages with certain articulations being introduced with harder velocities. At low velocities you are able to changes key switches without affecting what you are playing.

Some of the articulations are activated with the MOD wheel. For exemple if you press on C#1 the first articulation plays only if the MOD WHEEL is between the value 1 to 64 the other articulation plays only if the MOD WHEEL is from 65 to 127

Press the key C1 If you want to go back to the default setting and play the straight notes without any articulation.